We are a charity skatepark....

We are volunteers

We are run on grants

We have expanded

We are different to normal skateparks. Indoor Skateparks are usually run as a business and outdoor skateparks are usually built and owned by local councils. We are different, our skatepark is a community project, and is owned and managed by a charitable company - Wheeled Sports 4 Hereford Ltd. Our skatepark is run by a committee who listen to the end users and take their views into account to make it better for others. All the money has been raised through grants/donations, organised by the project group.

Coaching Clubhouse

We currently have a small shipping container where we have a small office set up to organise coaching from. We are getting too big to operate from this small shipping container and have now got planning permission to build some much needed toilets, a cafe and a skate shop to help repair skateboards to get them back on the park. We have most of the funds needed for the Clubhouse but not yet for the toilets


On dark winter evenings we have many older users who wish to use the park when it’s not so busy. This is so they don't get in the way of the smaller users. We encourage this but cannot facilitate them when it gets to winter time, the days get shorter and less time for skating. This is why we would love to keep the park safe for everyone and provide lighting.

Important information...

How to get to the park

Address of Hereford Skatepark is Holmer Road, Hereford. We don't have a postcode yet so for Sat Nav, etc use the Leisure Centre which is HR4 9UD.

Holmer Road is also the A49 going north out of the city to Leominster, Shrewsbury. We are just after the Leisure Centre if coming from city centre and B&Q are opposite.

If your coming by train head out of the station towards the city centre, to Commercial Road. Turn left across the railway bridge then you can cut left along Barr’s Court Road. At the mini roundabout, left on Burcott Road over another railway bridge, sharp right on the other side still Burcott Road. Turn left onto Farriers Way going past big stores including PC World them right at the roundabout onto Newtown Road. Keep going to next mini roundabout then right on to Holmer Road, almost there!

No Scooter Sundays

On most days, and especially at weekends, the skatepark gets very busy. In an effort to give the different ages and sports some time to properly enjoy the park there is a special arrangement of Sundays.

Every Sunday from 0800 – 1200 is a time just for scooter users and under 10 year olds.

From 1200 -1600 its No Scooters or under 10 year olds.

How to help

Feel free to come along to our regular meetings and get involved!


How to act at the park

Everyone loves skateparks, whether you're a skateboarder, inline skater, BMX rider or scooter rider. But for years there has always been rules to follow to ensure no one is seriously injured and that everyone has fun.; DO NOT SNAKE OTHER RIDERS! I.e. don’t go before your turn, don't go when someone else is having his or her turn. Keep your eyes open & your wits about you. Skateparks are dangerous places & people can travel very fast. Sit down well out of the way. Keep safe. Wear the appropriate safety gear; don't go flying about flinging your scooter, BMX or skateboard in ways you cannot control.